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We never stop working – January 2021

Here we are in Lockdown Number 3……

We hope all our supporters and friends are safe and feeling well.

We are back in familiar territory! At least there is light at the end of the tunnel in terms of the vaccines, and this gives us lots of hope for the future. However, we don’t know how long exactly the tunnel is and young people need our continued support. Once again, they are cut off from friends, and isolated with families who face ongoing challenges. Many of our families face significant mental and physical health issues, many are in insecure or unsuitable housing and are on low incomes.

Some of our cohort who have education and health care plans or social care support can still access school if they and their families wish. Our young people are suffering even more anxiety, depression and family stress – and it’s important to know what Mentoring Plus can do to support our most vulnerable.

In these challenging times, what can Mentoring Plus do to support our most vulnerable young people?

All our young people will continue to receive our support, and we’re working creatively and flexibly to find the right way for each one.

Volunteer mentoring face to face has paused, but our skilled practitioners have stepped in. They are in touch with every family to find out about immediate needs we can help with, and how mentees would like support going forward.

Some volunteer mentors and their mentees are ‘meeting’ via Facetime and other online tools. Where this isn’t possible, we’ll find other creative ways to keep in contact, sending messages – short films, fun things to do – we’re full of great ideas.

Our Student & Family Support mentees are used to meeting their practitioner for mentoring every week. Where possible, our team are doing this via phone or online. Some need contact more frequently now, and we’re meeting that need too.

Our practitioners are ensuring every child and young person has support at least weekly, as they normally would, offering vital time to reflect on this extraordinary time.

We can support more young people who need it most.

We’re constantly in touch with all our schools to find out how we can help them, what level of demand they anticipate and the safety and assessment provisions we can put in place.

We prioritise looking after our team’s wellbeing – we believe this is something we can do well by constantly checking in on our team and allowing them space and time when needed.

You can find out more by following us on social media and if exercise is your thing you can take part in the Bath Half Marathon taking place in September or Bath Marches taking place in April 2021.




If you feel able to donate to support our work during this extraordinary time, you will be directly helping young people in greatest need, as well as safeguarding our long-term ability to support them.

You can donate through our Just Giving Page