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Art activity

Easter activity for primary mentees!

Here’s the challenge we set our primary mentees this week while we are all in isolation at home. Scroll down to see what some of our young people came up with!


Hello! Thanks for joining our online activity!

We usually do a check in don’t we? So let’s just have a think about how we are feeling right now. What’s your score out of 10?

As it’s the Easter holiday it might be fun to think about what chocolate bar we are currently feeling like. Helen is a 7 as she’s excited to try this new way of working but also a bit nervous in case it doesn’t work! Humphrey feels like a Curly Wurly – probably because this all feels a bit crazy!

Easter Lockdown Activity

Anyway, we’d like to invite you to grab some figures, toys, lego, clay, do some drawing or use anything else you’ve got. Use it to try and create a scene that reminds you of your favourite thing you have done with your mentor or one of us recently.

This might be a trip to the farm, a game of pool, drinking a hot chocolate or playing a game. Be as crazy as you like! If you can, send us back a photo of your scene. We will then get the photos on our website for all the group to see.

You can tell us a bit about your scene in a message if you like, and about how you feel after making it!

If your parent or carer can help send the photos, that would be great. Please send them to one of us by WhatsApp, text, or email to either helen.goodchild@mentoringplus.net or humphrey.pain@mentoringplus.net.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with. I wonder what we will look like, or your mentor?!


Humphrey and Helen 🙂

So what did our young creatives send us?

This mentee’s favourite thing to do with their mentor is play basketball. Full of energy! Looks like a slam dunk.

A primary mentee's artwork

Loving the detail and perspective that the backdrop creates here! Zoom in and you’ll see the two figures are having a game of football.

A primary mentee's artwork

Helen loves a game of football with her mentee as well, so we let her join in. She’s the dinosaur in goal.

A primary mentee's artwork

Who says the artist can’t be part of the art? This mentee is re-living her favourite mentoring activity: drinking hot chocolate. Looks like it tastes good.

A primary mentee's artwork

These two eggheads are also enjoying refreshments, this time at the cafe at Bath Soft Cheese Co at Kelston. We especially like the careful detail of the milk vending machine behind them.

A primary mentee's artwork

Just guessing, but we think this mentee’s favourite activity was making slime with her mentor. Love the vivid colours!

Mentee's picture of making slime

If any of our mentees still want to give this a go, please do and send us a picture of the results. So enjoyed receiving these and being inspired by all your creativity. Hope you had a happy Easter!