Information for families

It can be worrying if your son, daughter or ward has been referred to Mentoring Plus. What does it mean for your family? It means that someone at their school or another organisation thinks they could benefit from the extra support a mentor can give. It might help them stay out of trouble, feel more confident with friends, or feel more interested in school.

We’re very happy to explain everything and make sure you feel happy about your child being mentored. For mentees under 18, we need your consent, and we also need you to agree to them coming along to our activities.

Our mentors are volunteers, and so are our young people: they only do it if they want to. This really helps to make sure they get a lot out of it.

We police-check our mentors and carefully follow up their references. We train them to ensure they know how to be a good mentor, and we work with them throughout the year to iron out any problems.


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Q: Can the family meet the mentor?

A: You’re welcome to meet the mentor, of course. Many mentors collect their mentees from home and there’s always chance to say hello, although they are mainly focused on the young person, not the whole family. If you have other worries or feel other family members could benefit from similar support, talk to us and we can help find the right help.

Last year we did a survey of families and found 100% agreed their son or daughter’s behaviour at home and school had improved through being mentored.

They said it was easier to talk at home, young people were calmer and could cope better with difficulties, and 100% said they would recommend mentoring to another family.

Concerned about any aspect of mentoring? Please call us on 01225 429694 (office hours) or contact us online.