One to one paid mentoring in schools

Our services for schools — one to one paid mentoring

Who is it for? 

Students needing immediate support can benefit from one to one mentoring – in or out of school time, for a term or two, or longer. Young people coping with care settings, bereavement, family difficulties, illness, anxiety, school engagement or social difficulties connect to a professional, experienced mentor giving personalised support when they need it most. 

How does it work?

Most mentoring sessions last a couple of hours. For students experiencing greatest difficulties in the classroom, refusing school or with an EHCP, our half-day sessions offer support which complements other forms of education. Individual attention and focused support help students reflect on issues, learn in new ways, feel more confident and cope better back in school.

What next?

The cost per weekly term-time session is between £100 and £130 depending upon session length and locality*. This includes all expenses. The minimum contract commitment is x1 term – ie 7 weeks.

Talk to Kev Long to refer a young person in your care, to discuss support needs, potential funding sources and next steps. 

Every young person’s needs are different, so we are always happy to discuss a tailored solution to suit your needs.

Email Kev Long or call 01225 429694

*Any surplus is invested in our charitable mentoring service


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