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Come to Riverside on Monday the 27th of November, 6.30pm to join the conversation.

Almost every young person we work with finds school a really difficult place to be. What we can we do to help them?We can rebuild confidence and aspiration. We can offer space for reflection and wellbeing. We can advocate for additional needs to be met. We can bridge the divide between school and family. Mentoring Plus does all this, and it makes a difference for our young people. At a time when problems in education can feel vast and intractable, we want to focus on asking what we can do to help.How can we help young people thrive in education?

What works?

What can we do alongside schools to help young people cope within them?That’s our theme at this year’s Mentoring Plus AGM, with speakers and discussion: what can we do to help young people struggling in school. We know we can't fix everything, but we don’t accept that we can do nothing. If you have children and teens at school, if you’re a school staff member, a fellow professional, a supporter of our work or just interested in young people’s wellbeing, we want you to join the conversation.

Please come along and hear from:

  • Our new Chair of Trustees, Susan Milner, Professor of Politics, Language and International Studies, University of Bath, on our priorities for social justice and young people
  • Our Head of Practice, Helen Goodchild, on the experiences of mentees in education, their fundamental needs, pragmatic responses and the support we believe we can offer in school
  • Dr Ioannis Costas Batlle, Lecturer in Education, University of Bath, on the evidence of interventions like ours across Europe, and the factors which drive whether support works

And join a round-table discussion about how we can support schools to help young people thrive.We’ll also be marking the retirement of our existing Chair of Trustees, Dr Karen John, for 9 impactful years leading our Board and shaping our practice.

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