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Football Fun Thanks to Passionate Mentee

On the 7th April Mentoring Plus played football in their Pyjamas

Kicking Off in Pyjamas

Mentoring Plus plays Somervale School at Football Wearing Pyjamas

On the 7th April the team at Mentoring Plus had a rather unusual request. We were asked to play football against a team of teachers from Somervale Secondary School - but we had to wear our pyjamas! 

This fun idea was thought up by one of our mentees who wanted to do some fundraising for Mentoring Plus. The whole thing was organised by the young person and it was a brilliant event. Students and teachers could pay a £1 to watch two teams of teachers play against each other. Team Mentoring Plus then played the winning team. 

The atmosphere was fantastic, lots of cheering students - a few friendly tackles and some awesome goals. The amount raised was £270 - a huge amount which will help us mentor more young people. 

We are always blown away by the young people we mentor and this was a very special occasion we will never forget. 


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