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Empowerment Through Creativity - support our match funding campaign to give young people access to creative activities in BaNES

We're excited to announce the launch of our match funding campaign ‘Empowerment Through Creativity’.

The campaign is raising funds to provide creative sessions and engaging workshops for small groups of young people to encourage self-expression, boost confidence, and develop new skills. A local donor has generously agreed to double every donation.

We want to provide a safe and supportive environment where the potential of young people can be nurtured and they can explore their own creativity, telling their own stories with the support of experienced practitioners. 

“We know how much our young people gain from getting creative, trying new things, and finding ways to express how they feel. Many feel too anxious to join in with larger groups, and we want to ensure we can provide activities where they feel safe and supported.

It’s so exciting to have the backing of a local match-funder willing to double donations made towards this work, so we can provide creative activities for children and teens who need it the most,” Ruth Keily (CEO - Mentoring Plus)

All financial contributions will be matched pound for pound by a local donor through their charitable trust and will directly support children’s creative activities.

“By joining our campaign, you’ll be supporting the personal development of children and young people in your community and providing activities and opportunities that otherwise would not be available to them." Helen Goodchild (Head of Practice - Mentoring Plus)

The campaign will run until the end of February, and every donation will be doubled up to a total of £4,000.

How your support can help transform young lives

By supporting our Empowerment Through Creativity campaign you will enable us to host engaging workshops in visual arts, music, writing or performance.

The workshops will be led by experienced youth workers, and will help young people in the following ways:

Skill Development: young people will have a safe space to develop essential life skills such as teamwork, communication, and problem-solving.

Building Confidence: in a positive and encouraging environment, young people will be able to build their confidence and self-esteem, by exploring their creativity.

Community: by investing in young people’s futures, you will help us show them that their community cares, which will have a positive impact on their lives.

How you can double the impact:

Donate today, and your contribution will be matched pound for pound!

Click the donate button to make the matched donation.

Spread the word! Share our campaign on social media, encouraging others to join the campaign and double their impact.


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