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You can come along to Mentoring Plus group projects and activities if you’re being mentored or waiting for a mentor. There’s a whole range of things going on, from sport to music, animation to drama.

Activities have included ...

Art, photography, football, quad-biking, pottery, film production, puppet-making, gardening, farm visits, hip hop, theatre trips, graphic design, digital animation, archery, kayaking, assault courses and much more

You don’t need to have done the activity before. Most are specially designed to let you try something for the first time. The people who run them are really nice, and it doesn’t matter if you’re good at it or not.

(If you do turn out to be a bit of a genius at an activity, we’ll help you find out how you can do some more, and can sometimes get hold of extra funding. Just remember us when you’re famous.)

This month’s activities include sculpture and pottery making, as well as rope swinging, feeding animals, planting trees and cooking on an open fire at Bath City Farm. As always, these are completely free and are open to all our young people, either currently being mentored, or on our waiting list. All young people of any ability are welcome, and lifts will be provided. Ask Jim if you’re interested in hearing more about these or other future activities. Or, you can also ask your mentor or practitioner to book you in..

If you’re wondering how mentoring works, or how to get referred, you can learn more about being mentored, watch some videos about mentoring or discover how mentoring works.

Our young people get involved in all sorts of activities …

As you know, we need all our mentees to follow our behaviour code and anti-bullying policy. Mentors and practitioners also follow these guidelines, which help keep everyone safe and happy.

Mentoring Plus kayaking trip, August 2018


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