In-school mentoring

Our services for schools — in-schools one to one mentoring

Who is it for? 

Students facing emotional difficulties can be expertly supported by a dedicated in-school mentor. This might be a good option if you have a number of students who would benefit (an in-school mentor could see 5 students in a day) or have students who need short-term support.

How does it work?

Our experienced practitioners offer a series of sessions on a regular school day, giving young people space to talk and reflect, developing coping strategies and emotional intelligence.

What next?

The cost of our in-schools mentoring programme is £200 per day (for 5 sessions)*. The minimum contract commitment is x2 terms – ie 14 weeks.

Talk to Kev Long if you would like to discuss getting a Mentoring Plus mentor in your school for a day or more a week.

Email Kev Long or call 01225 429694.

*Any surplus is invested in our charitable mentoring service.


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