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One to one professional mentoring

Supporting young people with more complex circumstances

We want all young people to be able to benefit from positive 1-1 mentoring. For young people aged 7-21 whose circumstances are more complicated, who are struggling in mainstream school / employment or who have higher levels of need due to educational, social, emotional or mental health difficulties, our professional mentors offer all the engagement and positivity of volunteer mentoring but with greater experience, confidence and knowhow to make this safe.

Professional mentoring is directly funded for each mentee, usually from a young person’s EHCP funding or similar. We do not accept self-funding referrals directly from families, since the ability to pay should not be a referral criterion.

This project is popular for students struggling with school attendance or refusing school altogether. A mentor can win trust and build a relationship encouraging a young person to leave home, try new things, have educational experiences and enjoy pursuing their own positive interests.

Alternative education providers also commission our mentors to offer community mentoring to their students, offering them an alternative to classroom time and a chance to reflect on issues affecting them in a safe and supported way.

Demand for this service often exceeds our capacity and there may be a wait for a suitable mentor. We accept applications to refer year-round and will be transparent about how quickly we may be able to offer support.