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One to one professional mentoring

Supporting young people with more complex circumstances

This provision is for young people aged 5-25 in BANES and neighbouring counties, whose circumstances are often more complicated than those who qualify to access our Volunteer Mentoring service.

This project is popular for students struggling with school attendance or refusing school altogether. A mentor can win trust and build a relationship encouraging a young person to leave home, try new things, have educational experiences and enjoy pursuing their own positive interests.

The service requires funding on an individual basis, often financed through young people’s EHCP’s or other funding streams.

Cost of the service:

Dependant on the location of the young person, mentoring sessions start at £130 per session and we ask for a minimum of 2 school terms commitment. For new referrals, this includes an ‘assessment and engagement’ period.

What Mentoring Plus will provide as part of the service:

  • 1:1 mentoring sessions lasting up to 3 hours with a mentor who has been recruited following B&NES Council safer recruitment guidelines, and trained to follow Mentoring Plus policies in child safeguarding and safer working practise (as audited by B&NES Council)
  • A practitioner to support professional / inter and multi-agency processes and ‘systemic engagement’
  • Weekly / monthly mentoring progress reports
  • Links to free out of school Mentoring Plus activities for as appropriate

Young people are best supported with a team of professionals around them. Because of this, Professional Mentoring cannot take referrals directly from parents/carers. We are more than happy to have a conversation with parents/carers, however we would encourage them to speak to a designated SENCO or pastoral lead in their education provision, if they felt a young person would benefit from this service.

If you would like to enquire about making a referral to this provision, please contact to discuss our application to refer process.

From School Mentoring

Alternative education providers and mainstream schools commission our mentors to offer community mentoring to their students, offering them a supplement to classroom time and a chance to reflect on issues affecting them in a safe and supported way.

We can offer schools block contracts for numerous referrals, usually for 3 young people a day with one mentor. For more information on this please contact

Additionally, we also have our In-School Mentoring provision. To discuss this further please contact