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Every child deserves a positive future

Become a 25th anniversary supporter

It's our 25th anniversary but it doesn't feel like a time to celebrate. For many young people, difficulties in school, at home or with peers are a daily reality. Children and teens struggling with anxiety, unmet needs or lack of family resources are missing out on education and opportunities. They feel alone and don’t know where to turn.

Children face more risks than just missing out on learning. Social isolation and depression can drive self-harm and risky online behaviour. Young people looking for connection are prey to anti-social behaviour and exploitation.

We’ve been helping children facing these tough challenges for 25 years. We can only carry on with your support. With your help, young people can get 1-1 time with a mentor, having fun, talking and connecting with their community.

When I’m with my mentor, I feel like I belong and I am relieved of stress. I feel safe and it feels like home.

My whole being. My personality. My mood swings. Everything. I’ve become a better person because of mentoring.

Having someone to talk to who was completely interested and helped me get out of the house and try new things really changed how I felt.

They enjoy improved relationships with school, family and peers

They feel happier, more confident and more able to cope

They show improved physical and mental wellbeing

They are more able to engage with education and build employability skills

The costs of delivering our services are shooting up, and demand for mentoring is at an all-time high. Meanwhile our charitable income has been hit hard by covid restrictions and the rising cost of living.

Please, help us build for the next 25 years by making a donation to support young people in our community. One off or regular, large or small, whatever you can afford – you’ll be making a massive difference.



Pays the full cost of a mentor and mentee receiving professional support for a whole year


Pays for training a full cohort of volunteer mentors


Pays for a year’s travel and mentoring activities for a young person


Pays for a group of mentees to experience an inspirational school holiday activity


Pays for a clinical supervision supporting professionals to avoid burnout


Buys a term’s ingredients for nutritious youth club meals cooked and eaten together

Will you be a 25th Anniversary Supporter?

Please help us build for our future by becoming a 25th Anniversary Supporter. We want to welcome at least 25 new regular donors pledging £1,000 or more per year for 3 years.

You’ll be the bedrock of our community supporters, helping us employ the most skilled and experienced professionals.

You’ll be ensuring we can give young people a voice, shaping the individualised support they want and choosing how to explore difficulties, coping strategies, positive interests and strengths.

We’ll work hard to keep you updated with the impact of your generosity, and invite you to join us for key events like wellbeing information sessions. And we’d be delighted to mark your donation with an online plaque.