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Leave a lasting legacy

Thinking of making a will?

Even a small legacy can make a massive difference to young people in our community

Your legacy, large or small, will help ensure we can continue to support vulnerable children and young people. Your generosity will allow us to plan, invest in and refine our service, supporting more mentors and ensuring young people can go on feeling happier, more confident and able to overcome barriers to achieving their potential

What does your donation buy?

It buys time. Time for a young person to spend with a positive, inspiring mentor. That mentor has been recruited, screened, trained, supported and managed by our professional practitioners – but the benefit is their time. Time with mentors makes young people feel valued, confident and aspirational.

£10 Time to talk

Just £10 could provide precious time and space to chat - perhaps for a hot chocolate in a café or a board game

£50 Time to inspire

Your £50 could provide the chance to try something new - perhaps a day trip, a new activity, a play, an exhibition or a sporting event

£100 Time to connect

Your £100 could pay for a young person to make friends by joining an open youth night or group activity

£250 Time to change

Your £250 could help a young person to grow in confidence, to explore a range of opportunities, and find a new path forward