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E's story

E was referred to Mentoring Plus in her early teens by her school, affected by bullying, low self-esteem, social isolation, low mood and significant challenges at home.

She attended weekly mentoring sessions with her mentor, and accessed many activity sessions and a residential activity, which she enjoyed and which helped her form new friendships. E’s practitioner joined a Team Around the Child process, bringing all professionals and family together regularly and ensuring in-school support was in place.

E says: “Me and my mentor have done some really nice things like visiting the Christmas market, doing calligraphy, and having tea at an old Victorian place that was really cute. We visited the town hall. We did lots of baking which I love, and now I always make cakes. I feel more relaxed now, more used to mentoring, it’s different to social services. Mentors are not paid. You know they care, they’re not paid to say that!

“Things have got much better for me, I had things to do, loads of opportunities, and I’m loads more involved with school. I like that you ask what we want to do, and I get to choose.”

At the end of her mentoring year, E says she wants to stay involved with the charity through activities. Her school see her with new groups of friends and rarely on her own as before.  She has made new friends, is exploring a new interest in drama and feels ready to join new groups in her local area.