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Mentoring - what's it all about?

What is mentoring?

Mentoring is spending time one to one regularly with a kind and empathetic adult.

Our mentors are positive role models, who will:

  • Meet with you each week for 1-2 hours (depending on your age)
  • Support and encourage you 
  • Listen and not judge 

Having a mentor can be life changing, and help you to feel:

  • Happier and more confident 
  • Able to connect and engage with school / education 
  • Better about relationships with friends and family
  • More optimistic and hopeful 

Watch our video to see what our mentees have said about their mentoring experience.

Our Mentoring Programme - who we support

Through our Mentoring Programme, we can match you with a volunteer or professional mentor, depending on what kind of help you need. 

Whoever you're matched with, they will be a kind, empathetic and reliable adult. 

If you're interested in being mentored, please give us a call 01225 429 694 or email us (click the button below)

If you're looking to help a young person get started with mentoring, please click 'Getting Someone Help' below.

When I’m with my mentor, I feel like I belong and I am relieved of stress. I feel safe and it feels like home.

My whole being. My personality. My mood swings. Everything. I’ve become a better person because of mentoring.

Having someone to talk to who was completely interested and helped me get out of the house and try new things really changed how I felt.