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Rachel Redfern

Volunteer Mentoring Practitioner

Responsibilities: I work with secondary aged young people. I get to know the young people; the things they like to do, and their hopes for the future, before hopefully matching them with the best volunteer mentor for them. I then get to support the young people and their mentors so they all have the best possible experience during their time together.   

Previous experience: I grew up in Bath and started working with young people through voluntary groups many years ago helping all young people, whatever their need, get involved in activities. I worked in a few office jobs while I volunteered at a school for children with a wide variety of special needs, eventually it clicked that I was enjoying the volunteering much more than the day job so decided to have a change of career. I started working with children with SEND in a mainstream school and developed a passion for inclusion, the psychology behind learning, and helping young people to develop positive hopes for the future. I was also a mentor with Mentoring Plus while I was studying for my MSc so know first-hand the positive influence mentoring can have on young people, and volunteers. 

Like Mentoring Plus because: I have seen, through my work in schools, the fantastic impact mentoring can have on young people who are struggling, really supporting them to achieve their best outcomes. The team is amazingly supportive, and person centered, focusing on the needs of the young people, their families, and the volunteers.  

Good at: Playing music, gardening, listening to people 

Not so good at: cycling up hills, watering the garden, keeping things tidy  

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