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Charlotte Ellis

Practitioner - Rapid Intervention Team (RIT)

Responsibilities: As a RIT practitioner, I support, listen, and advocate for young people’s views. I help support families, schools, and children to improve their mental health, promote engagement with education and create positive outcomes.

Previous experience: During my master’s year at the University of Birmingham, I worked in an Educational Psychology Service, planning, and facilitating group intervention programs to improve children’s reading and writing skills. From this, I have experience of working as part of a multi-disciplinary team, adopting child-centred and strength-focused practices. In addition, I have worked as a progression mentor in a Birmingham secondary school, preparing tailored sessions to offer advice for student’s regarding their future pathways and build upon their self-esteem.   

Likes Mentoring Plus because: The team advocates for young people’s views, works compassionately and provides opportunities to young people facing challenges.

Good at: napping, board games, knitting and watching the Simpsons.

Not so good at: getting rid of spiders, skateboarding and remembering where I put my keys!

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