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Amy Austin

Youth Mentor

Responsibilities: Delivering youth club twice a week as part of our partnership with Bath Youth for Christ. I also mentor secondary aged young people doing professional mentoring providing a safe space for them to talk. 

Previous Experience: I have been working with and alongside teenagers since I was a teenager myself. I have worked in youth clubs and worked for six years in a teenage care home as a support worker. 
Likes Mentoring Plus because: I get to work with teenagers - I've always wanted to work alongside teenagers and be next to them 'in the trenches shoulder to shoulder' - in my role at Mentoring Plus this is possible and I get to see them thrive. 
Good at: I enjoy learning new skills, and teenagers I work with teach me as much as I teach them !

Not so good at: being out in the cold & remembering everybody's names. 

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Each young person we support has a different story to tell - each one as powerful as the next.