What are the outcomes of mentoring?

Children and young people who complete a year of mentoring:

Are happier

100% of mentees last year reported they felt happier and more content.

Are able to behave better

100% of mentees agreed.

Improve family relationships

100% of families surveyed last year agreed.

Feel more confident

96% reported improved self esteem in the last year.

Stay out of trouble

Last year, 95% had no interaction with the youth justice system

Build a solid relationship

94% voluntarily completed a year of mentoring, and many keep in touch with mentors afterwards.

Move on in their lives

Nearly half of those going on to college, training or employment did so with direct help from their mentors.

Connect with their community

Most feel better about their community and learn their own contribution to it is valued.

Stay involved with Mentoring Plus

Many of our oldest participants, 15% of last year’s total, volunteered to return as peer mentors for younger ones.

Our work is a response to a real and pressing need to support young people. Not all of Bath and its surroundings are affluent. Not every family can give their children the time and resources they’d like to. But every young person deserves the chance to thrive and fulfil their potential. Find out how you can support our work.


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