Meet the team

Jamie Luck


Responsibilities: Collaborating with the staff and trustees to shape and apply our vision, mission and plan. On a day to day basis that means lots of different things, which all add up to helping ensure we’re doing the best and most effective job we can for those young people that might most benefit.

Previous experience: 18 years pottering around Bath and its surroundings in the lead up to adulthood. The subsequent 18 years? Working with organisation like Theatre Royal Bath and the Royal Shakespeare Company figuring out how to best support young people that might need a helping hand.

Likes Mentoring Plus because: It offers a very simple, affordable and inspirational solution to a complex set of problems.

Good at: Face to face stuff, like inspiring people about what we do in person

Not so good at: Face-less stuff, like keeping on top of e-mails…

Kev Long

Practitioner, 12-21 year olds

Responsibilities: Working with our 12-21 year old lads to help them identify their interests and goals and make a personal plan, then matching them with one of our amazing volunteer mentors. Training and supporting each mentor to help them look after their young person, and tracking the relationship as it unfolds.

Previous experience: I was a child of the forces so I grew up all over the place, but I’ve spent a majority of my time in Wiltshire where I have now settled. Several years’ professional experience in a variety of roles including counselling and drug, alcohol, mental health and homelessness support. I’m also a qualified Addiction Therapist.

Likes Mentoring Plus because: We’re focussing on solutions rather than problems!

Good at: Keeping an open mind and turning tragedy to triumph. I love sport: keen footballer, keen surfer and I’ll try most extreme sports!

Not so good at: Quitting, heights, hard labour, cooking, singing and dancing!!


Michelle Kelley

Practitioner, 12-21 year olds

Responsibilities: Supporting young people, especially our girls, to have a positive mentoring experience. Connecting young people with community and volunteer opportunities, vocational skills courses and positive activities.

Previous experience: 15 years experience of youth work in the Bath area including volunteering and accreditation projects and a range of roles at Mentoring Plus including out of school mentoring and co-ordinating youth participation programmes.

Likes Mentoring Plus because: I enjoy working with young people to support them to make positive life choices. I particularly enjoy seeing young people thrive and achieve something new. Mentoring Plus provides young people with opportunities to expand horizons and develop skills for life.

Good at: Getting excited about trying new things! Talking to people and working one to one with young people.

Not so good at: Being quiet!

Humphrey Pain  

Primary Mentoring Manager

Responsibilities: Developing a whole new project working with a whole new age range for Mentoring Plus. Working alongside Black Families Education Support Group and other local projects and schools to establish the best way to support Primary aged school children through in, and possibly out, of school mentoring. Also delivering 1:1 work in secondary schools.

Previous experience: A childhood in Dorset. Slices of work in Shropshire and Bath before discovering Mentoring Plus 14 years ago as a volunteer. Many years as Project Administrator and a couple more as Mentoring Co-ordinator…..and bringing up 3 boys!

Likes Mentoring Plus because: I love the relationships that are built up through the project. The best of people is really on show whether it’s through the young people, our amazing volunteers or professionals who really care.

Good at: Taking time with and having a laugh with young people and volunteers.

Not so good at: Remembering all the amazing stories that I hear daily.

Ruth Keily

Deputy Director

Responsibilities: Keeping the home fires burning! Fundraising, budgeting, reporting. Making sure everyone is talking about Mentoring Plus, so that they volunteer as mentors and support our work. Running projects. Making connections with local businesses and organisations, arranging events, PR and social media.

Previous experience: Grew up near Bristol, moved back to the south west after uni and 12 years in London. 25 years working in marketing, across financial services, IT, publishing, home and garden businesses.

Likes Mentoring Plus because: I love working with people who give their time and energy to others, like our volunteers.

Good at: Writing stuff

Not so good at: Technology rage


Rachel Sheahan Harris

Office Manager

Responsibilities: processing referrals to our service and applications from volunteers, monitoring the mentoring journey, managing data, managing the money and answering the phone!

Previous experience: 15 years of being self employed: administration and book keeping for several graphic design companies and for a London based charity supporting young people in deprived London boroughs; and as a wedding dress maker!

Likes Mentoring Plus because: it offers me the opportunity to put my admin skills into action for a real purpose. To be working with an organisation that gives so much positive support to those who can often fall between the cracks is what gets me up in the morning.

Good at: pinning down the jelly

Not so good at: making the jelly

Jim Noke

Activities Practitioner

Responsibilities: To liaise with young people, practitioners and outside organisations (catch breath) to deliver stimulating, positive and exciting activities. Where possible encourage young people to identify their own skills through trying new activities, and support them to develop these further with other projects and contacts.

Previous Experience: Still quite a “newbie” to working with young people! I moved to Bath a few years ago to be closer to my daughter, where I began volunteering with Age UK and as a mentor with Mentoring Plus. Having never worked in this field before, it soon became very apparent I’d found something I felt passionate about.

Likes Mentoring Plus Because: It provides young people with the platform and audience to achieve their goals and create aspirations.

Good at: Understanding and connecting with young people.

Not so good at: Paintball or anything dance related!

Stephanie Massie

Community Development

Responsibilities: Fundraising, community engagement, organising activities, telling even more people about the great work done by Mentoring Plus.

Previous experience: 15 years as a town planning consultant, 4 years working for another local charity, 18 months working as a special needs teaching assistant, many years volunteering at school as a member of the PTA and school governor.

Likes Mentoring Plus because: it’s a perfect combination of working with fantastic kids and inspiring adults.  The mixture of professionalism and fun makes it a great place to work.

Good at: Connecting people, being energetic, baking, being a mummy

Not so good at: Remembering passwords, french plaits.

Vickie Isaac

Volunteer Co-ordinator

Responsibilities: Engaging members of the Bath & North East Somerset area to come along and mentor young people in their community. To guide and support them through the volunteer mentor application process.
Previous experience: 20 years in the NHS then onto working in health care regulation. Latterly, volunteered as a mentor for Mentoring Plus.  
Likes Mentoring Plus because: I believe in the team’s goal of encouraging the community to support its own young people.
Good at: Communicating – organising – generally being lovely!
Not so good at: Baking – maths – changing the ink cartridge on the printers.


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