What we’re all about

Director Jamie Luck introduces Mentoring Plus

Mentoring Plus is a charity which supports our young and most vulnerable by connecting people within the community. We work across Bath & North-East Somerset with young people aged 8 to 21.

  • We employ professional case workers to listen to young people and understand what they want and need.
  • We link each mentee with a volunteer mentor from their own community who we think they’ll get along with, and we support that relationship all the way.
  • We train those volunteer mentors, giving them access to the knowledge, techniques and support they’ll need to help a young person.
  • We provide expert supervision to mentors, just like professional counsellors receive.


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We connect mentors and mentees with amazing local people and organisations.

We set up original, fun projects that build skills and confidence.

Then we work with the best in the business to provide the greatest opportunities to young people and their mentors.

Almost everyone has benefited from adults outside the family taking an interest and helping us along the way. Mentoring Plus is here to make sure every young person can benefit from those connections, because everyone deserves the right to fulfill their potential.