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We need to invest more in the wellbeing of children

75 local head teachers wrote to parents about a funding crisis in schools this week, warning of the impact on students. There’s a summary and a response from the Dept for Education in the Bath Chronicle.

What does this mean for the young people we support? Mentoring Plus Schools Services Lead Practitioner Kev Long commented: “We know beyond doubt from our work that the level of need in schools supporting students’ pastoral, additional and wellbeing needs is growing, and the level of resources available is too low. That means our more vulnerable learners suffer the most.

“Mentoring Plus is working hard to support the teachers we work with; teachers who know how important it is to offer individual support to children with additional needs or facing significant challenges; teachers who are frustrated by the lack of resources to offer the support required. Schools are forced to focus on attainment and attendance, but we see on a daily basis that academic progress can only be achieved if children have their wellbeing needs taken care of. If we support the wellbeing of children, the whole school benefits.

“As a community, it feels urgent that we support schools to invest in safeguarding all young people, especially those who need it most.”