One-to-one pupil mentoring

How does it work?

Our experienced professional mentors come into school to meet pupils for individual short sessions at regular times. They offer each student time, space and encouragement to explore problems and frustrations, focusing on coping strategies and helping them feel in control.

I’m asked the right questions to help me understand what’s going on.”

With the time to talk and reflect, each student develops a personal action plan, learning to cope better in school, recognising their own skills and strengths, and understanding their contribution to the community. They are able to connect with other services and opportunities, and identify positive routes forward.

Their outcomes are measured and reported to provide clear assessment of the service’s effectiveness and its impact on each child.

Our mentors are separate from school, family and other agencies, helping students feel confident to talk openly. We work closely with pastoral staff as appropriate, highlighting issues which can be managed within school and contributing to multi-agency support where needed.

 “If I have a bad day it’s a space to talk and relax. It helps relieve the pressure of school life.”



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What’s the cost?

The financial, workload and reputational impacts of excluding young people are significant. Any young person requiring regular pastoral and management time will demand long-term resources from their school.

Our in-school mentoring programme can be tailored to the aspirations of the school, and made flexible to meet each child’s individual needs.

Example costs for one-to-one pupil mentoring: (all sessions include reporting time)

Half day

 4 x 30 minute sessions

(with 15 minutes reporting time each)

£120 per week

Full day

 7 x 30 minute sessions

(with 15 minutes reporting time each)

£180 per week

(Minimum booking x 2 half-terms – e.g. Sept to Dec)

Costs for qualifying students may be offset against the Pupil Premium and/or additional funding for looked-after children.

We may be able to offer more advantageous fees per hour within longer-term contracts and for larger numbers of students.

Like to know more about our services in schools?

Please call us on 01225 429694 or contact us via this website.