Group projects in schools

Mentoring Plus also offers tailored group projects for students who would benefit from additional curriculum support and alternative learning opportunities.

Group work often complements one-to-one mentoring of individual participants. Students lacking confidence or aiming to build collaboration, teamwork and communication skills benefit hugely from carefully managed group projects. They also have the opportunity to learn in environments outside the classroom, including offsite trips.


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I am very excited about this collaboration with our school. It was a really great day and the students enjoyed themselves. Thank you so much for all your hard work in making it happen and I look forward to our continued collaboration.

School project leader

We offer year-long collaborative projects, such as our Silver Arts Award programme, termly group work to encourage exam confidence, and literacy days involving professional poets and performers.

All in-school mentoring outcomes are systematically measured and reported, to demonstrate the value offered to the student. Often these achievements can be shared and celebrated with the student and their family.

We can design programmes and events around specific pastoral and curriculum needs, bringing in expert partners to help with engagement and delivery.

Please contact us for an initial chat if this kind of work could complement your school’s teaching.