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Youth Reps – To the shop and beyond!

To all those who thought this admin had disappeared into a puff of smoke, here’s proof that i’m still here….

With the miniscule event that was the charity shop now resigned to history, I now feel in a better place to report back on some of its trials and tribulations! The past tense in history is no way in reference to it being resigned to history, as you’ll see, it’s long lasting flame still burns bright.

‘The Opportunity Shop’ was assembled by an intrepid team of young people, who’s mission was to improve employability, skills, confidence and spread the good name of MPlus – was this accomplished I hear you say? In droves I say!



All the hard work, and investment in time was payed back in abundance, with our young people becoming entrepreneurial geniuses by selling wristbands on the street and flooding the unsuspecting public with MPlus leaflets! All our young people generously sacrificed their precious holiday time and made the shop a triumphant success.


Please see the shop in figures:

  • Open 7 days
  • Engaged 19 young people
  • Over 400 customers
  • £1,906.62 in revenue – this will be channelled into future projects, and absorbed into helping more young people!



Bona fide verbatim from our young people:

“I learned new skills within the business industry”

“I really enjoyed it as it built my confidence up, helped me engage with people and hear their views”


This will be a new beginning for Mentoring Plus and has shown how young people can make a tangible difference in the community. Bravo.


Thanks to the wonderful band of people who donated time and advice. Who without the project could not have been possible – you know who you are!