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Youth Reps – September 11th & 18th

After the long, lazy, hazy hiatus that is summer, it was time to dust off the cobwebs and get back to where we left off! With our young people spread over residential’s, family holidays and positive engagement with NCS, it was good to have everyone back in one piece and in fine fetter for the year ahead.

The prerogative of the group this season is to plan, design and co – manage a ‘homework club’, which will provide a safe, happy and positive space for young people to access extra curricular help with the core subjects and more. With the backing and support of St Johns, this aims to provide a service to our local community of young people, which is otherwise lacking.

This project, as ever, is being co – produced by the group, so the vision of the final product is very much from them, and how they see such a project best working in our community – as we have leaned already, the name ‘homework club’ is not going to work, with it sounding too connected to school! Having guest speakers, offering workshops and keeping it fun are some of the early thoughts to help with its appeal – please see the groups brainstorm below:



And here’s the bona fide sub –  blog from one of the group members:

This week’s blog consists of the rules checking in and discussing the new homework club that is going to be renamed as we see fit, when we see fit. Also, we discussed a few new activity’s that will be taking place such as tough mudder and different charity events such as cycling, running and other clubs like bike repair and bike maintenance. We also talked about different ways mentors and peer mentors can help young people with the revision for their GCSE’s and their homework. And to top the hole evening off we had a bit of time to play some games and have a checkout before we all go our separate ways until next Monday.


Ciao for now!