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Youth Reps – Sept 6th & 13th

With time flying by quicker than we’re able to comprehend, it was yet again time to fervently crack on with the jobs in hand! Please read below for an account of our two most recent sessions down at the Percy HQ….

Sept 6th

To get us started we welcomed our dear friend and colleague Ruth into the lions den – her challenge to the group was to decide on content, vision and purpose for a young peoples booklet. Ideas were banded around such as: positive examples of mentoring, experiential advice, signposting, spoken word / poetry and a “what’s on guide” for young people in the local area! We very much look forward to picking this back up post charity shop. Also on Ruth’s agenda, was reaching group consent on the proposal of producing post cards to sell outside the shop – all the design elements will be extracted from our vast archives of young people’s photography!

Subsequently we took a gander at how we could best market the trojan that is the charity shop….

  • Mascot 
  • Local Events – Football / Rugby
  • Radio
  • Chronicle 
  • Schools 
  • Leaflets 
  • Twitter / MPlus Website / Instagram 
  • Facebook Event
  • Slogan / Shop Description 
  • Donations 

This moved us nicely into the following week…

Sept 13th

Our plan for this session was:

  • Brainstorm and decide on a shop name 
  • Create written content for flyers and leaflets 
  • Continue adding to staff rota
  • Delegate tasks to the remaining 5 weeks of meetings

From the first bullet point we came us with these names:

  • Mentoring Plus Shop
  • The Charity Shop
  • Popportunity
  • Shopportunity
  • Value Vintage 
  • Mentoring Plus Stuff
  • The Opportunity Shop, By Youth Reps

After further consultation with the team back in the office, it was decided that the latter option was the most desirable – this was originally the consensus of the group, and will now show clear reference to Y Reps being a part of Mentoring Plus. Agreement. This was a fantastically productive week, and one which saw some members of the group thrive, and reach potential we’d previously not seen.

Got some good stuff needs a new home? The Mentoring Plus Opportunity Shop needs your donations! Your clean, saleable clothes, bric a brac, books, toys, vinyl, jewellery etc could help us raise funds to support vulnerable young people locally! Email jim.noke@mentoringplus.net, or call: 07714 254013 to arrange drop off, or pick up – the store opens for 1 week on 22 Oct, 146 Walcot Street, where The Makery used to be. Sorry no electricals or furniture!

Please see below for a sneak preview of how the shop will look….