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Youth Reps – Nov 29th & Dec 6th

Nov 29th:

Tonight was an invitation for mentors, young people and staff to come together for mentors skills sharing – with the hot discussion being about youth reps, the below makes for some interesting and very relevant reading:

Session 1 – This allowed all to share the same room and hear these questions being targeted at Jim, Katy and Brad:

  • What is Youth Reps?
  • Why does it exist?
  • Who is it for?
  • What does it add to Mentoring Plus?
  • Why do mentors need to know about it?

Session 2 – Y Reps and Pop Up Shop. Discussed in a similar format to above:

  • Best moments
  • Worst moments
  • Individual learning or skills development
  • Group learning
  • What next?

Session 3 – Break into two groups and discuss “What else can Y Reps achieve?” One with Primary mentors and the other with Secondary. See below for the outcomes gained from the discourse that ensued:

Secondary Discussion:

From the mentors perspective it was identified that Y Reps was a positive progression from mentoring and a promising way to tidily end a relationship. Questions were raised as to whether we could increase capacity, or improve accessibility and participation?

Also noted was the selfless way of the YP to help others – this begged the question: “can we develop them more to help others?” Courses / training.

For future projects there was a recommendation that we identify the specific personal achievements of individual YP, to enable us to add to any subsequent CV – self – motivation and punctuality etc. 

Primary Discussion:

A Y Reps version for primaries has been seen as an important, scalable vision. This might look like a group where year 6’s develop life skills in advance of the secondary transition and involve peer mentoring from the senior Y Reps. Other key points were:

  • PYR to present to YR’s about what they’ve been doing.
  • Just yr 6 weekly? All primary monthly? Yr 5 +6?

The purpose of them would be:

  • A voice
  • Confidence
  • Life skills / group / teamwork
  • Make friends
  • Fun
  • Responsibilities
  • Pride in MPlus
  • Involvement in the community
  • Public speaking
  • Get out of the house

All in all a fantastic night, which enables us to give a promising glance towards the New Year!

Dec 6th:

Tonight we welcomed Rebecca for the second of her Spoken Word workshops! This was a lovely session, which creatively used  “I remember” questions to draw upon the wealth of experiences they’d shared – this had an overwhelming fun aspect to it, but also gave way for some quite raw, emotional memories to counterbalance the evening. Once the memories were ‘out there’, we split into two groups and collated the memories into a long verse of spoken word: