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Youth Reps – Nov 15th & 22nd

Time to get back into the flow of the fortnightly blog – apologies for the inconsistent publications of late, I will try harder!

15th Nov

To wet your appetite, I’ll blow your mind with some of the juicier segments of our final report from the charity shop – this was completed with the trusty help of our young people and came from a reflective session two weeks ago:

Positive Outcomes (young people’s)

  • ·        Gave us an opportunity to be involved and run a project
  • ·        “Allowed me to do things I’d usually be worried about”
  • ·        Giving YP a different and new experience
  • ·        Almost broke even
  • ·        Shop had no accidents, or problems
  • ·        Even the YP who weren’t able to help with the shop, were able to help with the planning
  • ·        No real risks / hazards
  • ·        “I learned new skills within the business industry”
  • ·        “I really enjoyed it, as it built my confidence up, and helped me engage with people and hear their views”
  • ·        “I really enjoyed working in the shop, I’m taking leaflets to deliver to people in my building to get them to                   come along

Positive Outcomes (staff)

  • ·        Involving every member of staff in an activity. Unprecedented
  • ·        Getting a handsome 19 YP on involved in one way, or another
  • ·        Engaging an expansive age range of between 10 – 21
  • ·        Propelling YP into positions of responsibility beyond their years
  • ·        Overall improvement of awareness. TV, Social media, newspapers & businesses
  • ·        Connections built with Ali Vowles and chair of council
  • ·        Harnessing a community feel about the shop
  • ·        Providing YP with a constantly positive thing to get involved with during holidays
  • ·        Educating ‘Joe Public’ re volunteering and how they could get involved
  • ·        Like moths to light, the shop had an attraction for curious, artistic types, who wanted to help with the                organisation
  • ·        Open 7 days
  • ·        £1,906.62 in revenue – this will be channelled into future projects, and absorbed into helping more                  young people!
  • ·        Over 400 customers

   Watch out for the next exciting project on the horizon!


22nd Nov 


Today was the long awaited visit of Wayne from Fixers. This sums them up nicely:

Fixers are young people using their past to fix the future. They are motivated by personal experience to make positive change for themselves and those around them.Real people, real stories, real change.

Fixers have different backgrounds, interests and life experiences, and come from every corner of the UK.But they do have several important things in common.

They are motivated by a desire to act on an issue that is important to them or a strong desire to help other people.

They also have a voice that they want to be heard, whether that’s on eating disorders, drugs, offending, cyberbullying or any other issue that is concerning them. Becoming a Fixer allows that to happen.

Fixers are heard, understood and respected by others.

Fixers choose the issue they want to fix and, using the skills of a team of creative experts, they work out how to make sure their message is heard by the right people, whether that’s through a unique film, a leaflet or poster campaign, a website, an event or workshop.

Then they use digital, print and broadcast media to make their voice heard as far and wide as possible.

Please see link below and prepare to be blown away!


With our manifesto in mind, the group were serious about creating content to raise awareness around adolescent mental health. This sparked fervent conversation, and will be further explored in the new year, when Wayne revisits with a producer from the team. This will fit in perfectly with the ‘self help book’ project that MPlus aims to accomplish in 2017.


See y’all next time!