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Youth Reps – June / July

Apologies are in order for the aloofness of our posts – in the absence of our updates, life has carried on, with many new events, finishing of projects and the annual Youth Reps excursion! Please see below for a short account of what’s been happening:


Annual Celebration Event:

This year saw our team take on a more involved part in the running of the evenings, with their very own sub – room, where they did tremendously well in selling Youth Reps to the uninitiated (mentors / mentees) and letting people know how they can get involved in fundraising. This was also the event where we showcased the premiere viewing of the first Mentoring Plus Vlog! Please see pics below:20170622_200039_resized20170622_201553_resized

Trip To Welsh Assembly:

After a highly enthralling visit to the Houses of Parliament last year, this year was the chance to visit the newer younger sister in Cardiff! We were took part in a guided tour, which educated the young people in the history of the building and the told of the powers they have at their disposal. To end the day, we watched a live ‘First Ministers Questions’ from the glass viewing gantry, where we heard debates such as the lack of social housing in the valleys, to a partnership with Northern Ireland to help ease the pressure on their health service. Please see pic below


Fixers Project:

Although this project hasn’t reached it’s conclusion yet, heaps of praise has to to be bestowed upon the young people for their ownership and dedication on this project – we had the first version back to us and the they critiqued it highly objectively, noting the aspects where they wanted to see improvements and make change. Once we have a the next version back, they will again give it a look over and decide whether it’s ready for final print. One to look out for early in the next academic year!


See you in the next year!