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Youth Reps – June 21st & 28th

June 21st


Following the success of the last mentors skill sharing session, we headed back to 117 Newbridge Hill for the latest installment:

Cultural Isolation and Low Self – Esteem amongst Young People – this was a great chance for the young people to convey how they feel / felt, and for the mentors to get a better understanding of the young people they work with. What we found positive was the mentors relaying their personal experiences, which in some ways made them more relateable and real!

This indirectly fed well into our manifesto, with us identifying material pressure, and a media forced image of how young people should look all being raised as potential stressers and causes of low self – esteem and poor mental health.

June 28th


With the imminent arrival of the week long exhibition, it was time to welcome Edwina Bridgeman (exhibition curator) to 117, so we could add some artistic pizzazz to the two celebration evenings!

This came in the shape of converting lots of nauseating figures from the annual report, and designing funky art forms which would enable crown participation. Ideas such as:


  1. Pink and blue coloured foam to indicate how many boys / girls have been mentored in the last year.
  2. A buddist “like” scroll to real out stats.
  3. A spray painted polystyrene bar chart.

Look forward to seeing how it all comes together next week!