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Youth Reps – July 5th,6th + 12th

July 5th, 6th – Annual Celebration Event 


What better way to showcase the vast array of talent amongst our group, than to throw them all together in one big event. Our team of Youth Reps helped in a variety of ways to make the event the spectacle that it become  – from being joint compe’re, to helping with the artistic materials, through to movingly powerful power point presentations. This was as much a celebration about mentoring, as it was the onward development of young people once mentoring closes, and Youth Reps begin.

Well done!


July 12th

Usually at this point in the year we’d be saying goodbyes and beckoning in the summer break, however,rumours are rife that we have a charity shop opening in October time, and times a precious commodity!

Not wanting to stray too far from how we’d run our sessions at this time of the year, we decided to have a session where we’d summarise the positive achievements of our year to date. Please see below for our top 10 list – not easy to whittle down! In absolutely no order:


  1. Pitching the manifesto to the trustees
  2. Celebration event
  3. Free food – grapes!
  4. Attending mentor skills sharing sessions
  5. Jamie’s Farm residential
  6. Visit to the Houses of Parliament
  7. Creating our manifesto for change
  8. People’s Project – helping with the filming an awareness
  9. Visit to Bristol Grammar school for Quartet event
  10. Freezing at Twerton Park (Bath FC) in the name of raising publicity!

Next week we’re off for some food in town – who said it was all hard work?