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Youth Reps – Jan 10th & 17th

Happy New Year!! Time to build upon some of the great things accomplished last year and take the group from strength to strength into 2017…

Jan 10th:

This session was the culmination of the 100% effort exerted in the first two workshops with Rebecca – Ladies and gentlemen I give you the ‘piece de resistance’, i.e, the grand finale – ‘All the Journeys I Never Took’ , the performance! Please see below for a snap shot of the evening – both in video and verse!



Feeling Lonely..

I remember catching my old house on fire as I couldn’t make pancakes properly..

I remember feeling frightened when I was left alone at home. Catchphrase was on the TV – Roy Walker +Mr Chips..

I remember falling off my road bike, breaking my collar bone…

I remember my last day at school – permanent exclusion…

I remember when there was a ghost at my nans house…

I remember losing Peppa Pig at 8yrs old…

I remember Southside letting my mum leave, therefore I hate them…

I remember failing my exam, I got ungraded…

I remember eating all the chocolates out of my advent calendar on the first day!..

I remember when I used to play on Sims 24/7…

I remember eating my nans ‘bomb arse’ dinners…

I remember when I used to love tweenies…

Chicken nuggets…

I remember throwing mums dinners in the bin, ABBA would be playing in the backround..

I remember Ebonie giggling 24/7 in the Charity Shop..

I remember Jim picking me up from Y Reps in his rubbish car…

I remember late night talks..

I remember my first holiday and the trip across the channel..

I remember my first holiday…

I remember when I first learnt to ride a bike..

I remember my first girlfriend, Kelly, both aged 9..

Cue the rapturous applause….!

Many a nugget from this workshop will be used later in the year, when our ‘Wisdom of Youth’ project takes shape.

Jan 17th: 

As it’s the beginning of the year, plans were to start afresh and make good and tidy of the ancient ‘Youth Reps Agreement’. In its current form it’s outdated and language heavy, so the long term objective is to make it more relevant and accessible to the current and future cohort!

In addition we wanted to refresh the rules and put the question out there, “What will the future Youth Reps look you?”

What Does Y Reps Look Like in The Future?

  • Y Reps activities – team building
  • Learning life skills – partly getting back to the roots of Y Reps
  • Not in this building! More space to do anything we need. Personal space
  • Continuation of giving YP a voice
  • More permanent shop

Interesting to hear the desire to revisit the origins of Y Reps and work on cooking, bill paying and ‘living on your own’ skills.

Contract / Rules

  • Language to be ‘nice’ – no swearing please!
  • No phones – lack of respect
  • Housekeeping – leave the room how we find it
  • Absolutely no smoking – this includes rolling cigarettes in group
  • No talking over other people
  • Punctual – communicate lateness / absence
  • Lifts – YP to be encouraged to make own way where possible. Life skills
  • YP to choose snacks the week before
  • Essential to make new people feel welcome – this could involve friendly intros from each YP and a ‘buddying’ scheme for the first couple of weeks. They can be handed the contract after 2 weeks.
  • 3 Strikes ruling with serious rule breaking. Consequences could be a 5 minute post group chat with me or Jas re what the group expects.

This evening was also the group’s chance to trail the much awaited ‘Learn to Lead’ philosophy, whereby the group runs the group, with me and Jas silently facilitating! We managed a commendable 20 mins, with fleeting interjections from us oldies. This will be gently phased in as the weeks go by….