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Youth Reps – Feb 21st & 28th

Feb 21st:


Tonight was all about getting the the bottom of how we define Youth Reps and how we explain it to other young people – this came about after one of our group said “I never know what to say when mates ask me what we do in Youth Reps.” See below for the thoughts:


  • We are a group of young people who’ve been supported by Mentoring Plus.
  • We help Mentoring Plus with ideas/ways to support young people better.
  • We plan, organise and run projects that empower young people who’ve faced significant challenges to make the community better.
  • We believe young people want/need/deserve better mental health services, a kinder education system and things to do/places to go

This will need refining and finishing off!

Also on the agenda was the finalising of the group agreement – please see below for what the collective group concluded:

  • Treat others like you want to be treated.
  • Give attention to Youth Reps activities and make contribution
  • Help clear up room
  • No phones unless it’s important
  • Be friendly and welcome new people.
  • Listen. No talking while someone is talking
  • Attend on time and regularly.
  • Let people know if you’ll be late/not coming
  • Use respectful language. No swearing
  • No smoking or rolling

 Mentoring Plus will get involved when Youth Reps people don’t follow the rules.

The group agreement and synopsis will be made into one document that can be shown to newcomers and remain handy for group members to refer to.


Feb 28th:

Today was a visit from Fixers to start “project self – help magazine.” As i’m sure you’re all sick to death of hearing from me, and, well, we are a young people centred project, from now on we’ll have the real blogs from our group!

For you delectation:

In today’s youth reps session we had Wayne come down from Southampton to talk to us about Fixers and the project we would like to start. A self help book about mental health issues. We talked about the things that we are going to do with  it and a bit about the structure of the book we wish to make. For the next time Wayne comes we have to think about a name and the contents of the book. A few of us would like to put our case studies in and Harry is going to take lead on the book! During the session Aaron decided to eat all the grapes and Joe ate all the cookies.

Written by the amazing Tracy!

(Names have been changed for data protection purposes)