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Youth Reps – April 25th & May 2nd

Welcome back to the latest edition of the Youth Reps blog! Here’s what our team have been up to in the last two meetings:

April 25th:

Please see below for an session brief, drawn up by a group of Bath Spa students who visited to conduct some research:

“Our current idea is to do a collage task, which will involve two separate collages one with the theme being ‘My life before Mentoring Plus’ and ‘My life now’. The idea behind this, is hopefully to pull out some themes and ultimately descriptors which the Youth Reps identify themselves, which will contribute to our overarching research on descriptors of young people. We’re hoping to identify descriptors which adequately describe their own narratives, but do not appropriate their experiences. We’ve already identified some descriptors which may prove to be helpful in solving this paradox, so another idea we had was having some of these descriptors available to them to see if they are selected without prompting.” 



This evening at Youth Reps we started with a check in as normal followed by some research students from Bath University. They were trying to find out what our life was like before Mentoring Plus and after Mentoring Plus. And what mentoring has done for us as young people!!!

We all talked about an event that might be happening. A series of different days where there will be different things going on like rap battles, open microphone nights and possibly comedy nights where we might try to book someone just to help young people get out the house and get them involved with a variety of different activities. After all of this we had a debrief and a checkout!!!!!!!! Followed by some cleaning of the room we all use. (as written by a REAL Youth Rep)


May 2nd:

Today was the beginning of the case study process! This would move us one step closer to the publication if the self – help book:


Today in Youth Youth Reps we started with a check in and said how we were feeling and gave a number to show how we feel. Then Janice started talking to us about what we were doing in today’s session and then how we were going to go over the rules. Janice assigned Emily to read out the rules and so she did. Then after we went through the rules we started our case studies for the fixers leaflet that we are doing.