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Youth Reps – 3rd and 10th November

Our first session allowed us to collectively discuss our manifesto and further elaborate on our existing framework:
Better Mental Health Services:

What would better look like?
1) Increased awareness across county of mental health challenges faced by young people

2) Greater flexibility in models – time-scales, approaches, venues

3) More space and time to build trust between workers and young people

4) Goals / outcomes set by young people not service
What specifically can we do?

Kinder Education System:

What would kinder look like?

1) Flexibility, compassion and resource given to students facing significant challenges

2) Better communication between schools and support services

3) Specific exam support / flexibility for those having a tough time

4) Clearer protocol around school exclusion

What specifically can we do?

More Youth Clubs and Activities:

What would more look like?

1) Good youth services take young people away from  social media, improve physical and mental well- being and help them get extra support in other parts of their life

2) More open access youth club nights across the county

3) Introduce activities / youth nights in Bath city centre

4) Focus on how youth services can help with a) mental health b) education

What specifically can we do?

The best outcome from this week was “what can we do?” – It’s important we focus on making the real changes where we can make a positive impact!

The following week we welcomed Marcia from BANES to openly discuss their new “Early Help Strategy”. This proved an excellent exercise, enabling our young people  to draw on their years of experience around challenges and struggles and allow it to generate positive guidance. This will (hopefully) in some way influence a more “youth centred” approach to the strategy.

Two of our young people have also been asked to help with the marketing. This will involve creating a logo, photo’s and a case study – Well done guys!