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Youth Reps

Hi All, please accept my utmost apologies in being less than on the ball with the blog. It’s been an incredibly busy period, all of which has been super positive!


In the last post we introduced bona fide blogs from our young people – this is in essence part of the groups drive in an effort to become more self – produced and give them the power to lead from the front. Basically less from me and more from where it counts! Please see below for an account of two of our recent sessions. From young people, for young people…

Today at Youth Reps we arrived 5:30pm.  First we had a check in where we all tell the group how our day/week’s been!!!!  

Then we make a daily agenda so today we had the blog, book, agreement, welcoming committee, and the bath half banners and if we have time we through in a game for a bit of down time.

We work as a team to get everything done.

The book: intro to who we are and different statistics. Contact info, websites and other useful information that anyone may find useful.

Welcoming committee: we thought that the welcoming committee would be a good way to introduce new people to the group to get new ideas that we may or may not have overlooked. Also, to give new young people someway to help others like themselves and we do this by playing new games.

After all of this we bring the session to a close with a check out where we say whether are check – in has changed or whether we are the same.



Today’s session consisted of starting with a check-in. A check in is where everyone grades the past week (or time since last session) with a score out of 10, and then a reason for this score.

We then played a game, and this is a session regular. The games can vary each session, but this session featured a game where we had to create a story each in turn using the letters of the alphabet. The story was a rather interesting one, and it went like this:

“Apples Become Cold During Every Frozen Gifting Hour In Jackie’s Kitchen, Louise Monetizes Numerous Olives, Peppers, Quiches, Rotten Sausages Turing Underneath Vehicle Wheels X-raying Young Zebras”

We then had Wayne and Josh from Fixers come in to help us with the logistics of the book that we are creating which is a topic based on the hidden issues of the education system. We came up with ideas about what our book is going to include, potential title ideas and spoke briefly about colour schemes and designs.

The session ended with a round-up of the session, and then that was followed by a check out which is the same as the check in, but closes the session.

Good work guys – after Easter we’ll be looking into the design of the book and getting started on the case studies!