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Youth Reps – 1st and 8th December

The first of our sessions was spent welcoming Bath University students from the Lloyds Scholars programme, who were here to discuss why they chose us as a charity for their community volunteering, and how we could work in partnership. This was a fantastic opportunity for our young people to relate to Uni students, who’d faced significant life struggles and overcome them by gaining entry to University! They gave a compelling account of their stories and were tangible proof that there are no barriers in achieving your dreams.

We plan to work in tandem throughout 2016, and here are some of the suggested ideas:

  • Fundraising at the campus – Car washing / Sales / Auctions / Events
  • Working together to deliver awareness  to young people on the accessibility of Uni – We can look at producing leaflets / social media and delivering a workshop on campus
  • Using the Uni facilities / scholars to produce and market Mentoring Plus merchandise – T  shirts and other
  • Use the Edge theatre – Show our short films from the “Film Score” activity – Display photos from our upcoming photography activity etc. This could be a dual purpose idea and provide young people with a good foot in the door, where the scholars could do a talk / workshop.
  • Allow young people and mentors the chance to come to the campus and talk with the scholars – In particular if there are specific skills / talents that have been identified. Or conversely if a young person is unsure of career options.
  • Engage our young people in a myriad of activities and taster sessions – This can be done with mentors / mentees, or in larger groups.

By the end of our evening two young people voiced an interest in taking up what’s on offer – Quote: “I never realised I could go to university, I’d love to study psychology”.

The last segment of the evening was spent doing an inventory of our very busy basement, in eager anticipation of selling items on to raise funds for the youth club. It was sharply realised we have more bikes than we can handle, so we’ll seek to collaborate with other local organisations to run a workshop. Next week we’ll be setting up accounts and seeing whether the Great British public agree with our valuations.

We look forward to a very prosperous New Year!

And finally,we staged the penultimate session of the year in the hallowed grounds of 117 Newbridge Hill. This week we followed through with setting up our accounts and will look to uploading pics next time round.

Oh, and did I mention the manifesto? Thanks to our dedicated team we’re tantalisingly close to the finished article – Next week will be its first public outing, with us reading it out to our visiting trustees.