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Youth Reps 10th and 23rd Feb

To get the ball rolling we spent the afternoon in the company of the ITV cameras, who were following our young people around filming for the “Peoples Project”…..If you haven’t already voted, please delve into the website for the quick voting link! The day culminated with the Youth Reps attending a talk hosted by “Action Against Child Poverty” at the Egg theatre. This was a chance for the young people to officially launch the manifesto in front of a busy auditorium (absolutely no pressure) – Pressure, what pressure?? They delivered the speech both confidently and  eloquently, capturing the audiences attention and arousing lots of interest! Well done.

After the break it was back to the spiritual home of the Youth Reps (Percy centre) for a session with Rebecca creating some spoken word around the manifesto. This was an amazing exercise in bringing together the young people and putting a different spin of all their great work thus far. Please see below:


The Voice That Wanted To Be Heard


You have a voice, the person listening, the person down the road,

The person you work with, you have a voice.

We have so much to say, these voices bigger than the universe told you to be quiet because we are too young to matter.

Being heard in a way, showing we matter rather than left out in the cold, we are shown warmth.

Such warmth we want to share.

Bringing the community to increase the volume and magnitude of our voice and getting to know new people, do new things, gain new friendships.

New people mean new ideas, new ways of seeing the world. Mean a thousand different eyes looking at the same place. Mean new voices, mean new friends, mean happy people.

Fair kind supportive of peoples needs. Dynamic and reactive to change, voices of a new generation. Change and we are here to stay, lets make more places to be safe in.

To be heard and gain recognition of existence – I have a voice – I do exist!