Volleyball was one of the sports taster sessions with world class coaches at Bath Uni this year

Mentoring Plus is all about connecting people. That includes working with some great local organisations to offer activities most people don’t get chance to do.

Bath has lots of Olympic athletes and their trainers, plus plenty of other sporting clubs. You don’t need to be brilliant at sports to enjoy taster sessions with them – they just want to let you try the sport they love, and help you feel confident to try things for the first time.

We also have lots of local theatres, venues and performers offering the chance to try everything from street theatre to music recording. You might enjoy the technical side of staging a performance, or the opportunity to write with a poet, make an animated film or record with a musician.

Young people matched with mentors and on our waiting list are offered a range of free term-time and holiday activities. We also welcome referrals directly to our Young Company and Youth Reps groups for young people interested in these specific opportunities – further details below.


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A hip hop music project ends in a recording session at Riverside Studios

A team game down on Jamie’s Farm

Stop-frame animation activity. This is The Blob…

When new mentors meet new mentees, we always organise an away day when everyone can join in activities and start chatting to each other in a relaxed way. From quad biking and raft building to working with animals at the farm, we make sure everyone has a good time.

Activities we offer

Depending on your age, you can get involved with a range of different activities.

They’re all organised for you, many led by skilled professionals who love introducing new people to the thing they love, and you don’t need to have done them before. If you have transport worries, let us know and we can try to help as well.

Evening and holiday activities

Small group activities covering anything from cooking, quad-biking, football or photography to digital music. You’ll get updates of what’s coming up in the post.

Young Company (12-15 yrs)

Referrals welcome

A fun and relaxed after-school drama group at the egg, Theatre Royal Bath.

We accept specific referrals for young people interested in this group. For more details or to refer, please call Jasmine Walkes on 01225 429694 or email jasmine.walkes@mentoringplus.net


Youth Reps (15+)

Referrals welcome

Exploring life, work, training & learning opportunities, with participants producing their own community projects.

We accept specific referrals for young adults interested in this group. For more details or to refer please call Jim Noke on 01225 429694 or e-mail jim.noke@mentoringplus.net.


Graduate projects (18+)

­Young adults who have completed mentoring can be trained and supported to mentor others or develop their own projects with the help of our trustees.

For more information or to join the group please contact Jim Noke or call him on 01225 429694