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The Mentoring Plus Bath Half Marathon team 2017

The Bath Half Marathon thing…

Mentoring Plus director Jamie Luck was lucky enough to be invited to talk to charities supported by The Bath Half Marathon. As a runner himself and directing proceedings recruiting and supporting 30 or so other fit people to support our work by running for us every year, he had a personal perspective to offer about this iconic sporting event.

“Mentoring Plus is a small to medium sized B&NES based charity. We recruit, train and support community volunteers to mentor local children and young people. We’ve been involved with Bath Half for over five years and have grown our running team to x30 approx. The unrestricted income from this event accounts for over 5% of our annual income.

  • Don’t run it yourself. It really hurts. Regardless of what your ego (or community fundraiser) tells you, our bodies aren’t designed to run around Bath twice, on concrete.
  • If you do run it, only do it once. It’s highly addictive, as is the notion of beating your ‘personal best.’ As your body gets older its absurd to expected it to go faster and further. I speak from experience. This year I will be running x20 races to celebrate our 20th anniversary, and I blame Bath Half!
  • Do not attempt to watch the entire race from start to finish. It will give you motion sickness, especially given the significant number of runners wearing gaudy neon running vests
  • Ensure your runners wear gaudy neon running vests. It will ensure they stand out (see picture).
  • Stick your runners’ names on the front of their vests. When you’re in a world of pain, strangers cheering your names makes the world of difference. However, stick their names on the back and they’ll spend most of the race looking behind them.
  • Make sure you have people cheering situated on the ‘death mile’ – the stretch from the end of the A4 dual carriageway. It’s barren.
  • Remember the two essential ‘S’s for your runners – safety-pins before and somewhere to sit after.
  • Runner’s high offers a unique post-race opportunity to upsell to your runners – standing orders, legacies, full marathons anyone?!
  • I believe your ideal runner has a personal connection to your charity cause and is a first-time runner. Very healthy people running marathons repeatedly is impressive, but less of a hook for potential sponsors.
  • Get your whole team involved in the big day. Bath Half offers a unique local opportunity for all local charities to come together, and is the most inspiring, ambitious and positive community event I’d had the pleasure to be part of.”

If you’ve been thinking of running the Bath Half Marathon (4 March 2018) for a local charity, please do it. Even better, do it for Mentoring Plus. Email Steph Massie for full details.