Introducing our paid mentoring services

Alongside our charity-funded volunteer mentoring service, we offer professional mentoring and specialist training to schools and other organisations.

This helps us reach more young people than our charitable funding can cover, to support those young people in more acute need and those outside our funded geographic area.

Any surplus we generate is reinvested in our charitable service supporting vulnerable young people in Bath & NE Somerset.

We have seen a significant improvement in J’s engagement and behaviour in school since he undertook the mentoring with you. We are looking at extending his school hours as he moves towards a full time timetable.” Teacher of mentee receiving paid mentoring.

Every vulnerable child has different needs. Here’s how our professionals can help you support them.

One to one mentoring sessions

Students needing immediate support can benefit from one to one mentoring – in or out of school, for a term or two, or longer.

Young people coping with care settings, bereavement, family difficulties, illness or anxiety, connect to a skilled mentor giving individualised support when they need it most. Students experiencing a managed move or at risk of exclusion can particularly benefit.

Most mentoring sessions last a couple of hours. For students experiencing greatest difficulties in the classroom, refusing school or with an EHCP, our half-day sessions offer support which complements other forms of education.

Following the student’s interests, sessions might explore outdoors, engage with sport, art or enterprise, or link with local heritage. Individual attention and focused support help students reflect on issues, learn in new ways, feel more confident and cope better back in school. From £100 per session.

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In-school regular mentoring sessions

Students facing emotional difficulties can be expertly supported for as long as they need by a dedicated in-school mentor.

Our experienced practitioners offer a series of sessions on a regular school day, giving young people space to talk and reflect, developing coping strategies and emotional intelligence. From £200 per day (5 sessions).

Peer mentor programmes

Older students can be inspirational role models for younger, and hugely benefit themselves.

We offer tailored training and support for setting up and managing peer mentoring programmes in school, including staff support and impact measurement tools.

From £400 for 3 sessions and teacher support.

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