Our work in schools

Mentoring Plus has been mentoring young people in need of extra support across B&NES for 15 years. We also have extensive experience working in a number of secondary schools.

  • We provide a one-to-one mentoring service for students experiencing emotional and behavioural difficulties, lack of confidence, disengagement, truanting or risk of exclusion
  • We offer group work sessions tailored to specific support needs. Group work includes exciting alternative learning programmes, engaging students with education and opportunities outside the classroom, often alongside individual mentoring support
  • We design and produce original in-school projects to encourage a love of learning through ensemble work, music, drama, poetry and sport, and can help find additional funding sources in partnership with schools.


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The service Mentoring Plus provides is invaluable. Students with challenging behaviour really benefit from having someone outside of the school staff to talk to and to learn strategies to improve behaviour and avoid conflict.

               School welfare officer

What’s the impact of mentoring in school?

  • Last year 93% of young people helped by Mentoring Plus reported increased engagement with education
  • Mentoring and group work in school improves attendance and National Curriculum attainment through improved engagement, resilience and career aspiration
  • Group work offers confidence, alternative learning and qualification routes for pupils
  • Targeted, timely support reduces the risk of exclusion and its knock-on impacts
  • Reduced classroom disruption maximises the effectiveness of teaching for all students
  • Students who are able to cope with conflict and frustration improve the wellbeing of the whole school community.

Case study

Tom was causing disruption, having significant difficulties with making friends. He was struggling with understanding social situations, upsetting peers by putting others down.

Through weekly one to one support with Mentoring Plus, Tom can express his feelings and develop strategies for dealing with social situations is beginning to make new friends of his age and maintain positive relationships. Tom has been supported in joining the school football team, which has raised his self-confidence and helped him feel more content at school.

His head of year commented: “Tom’s behaviour has improved this term, he’s becoming much more confident and engages more positively with people his own age. He’s becoming more relaxed and happier at school.”

Mentoring Plus is a registered charity serving vulnerable children and young people across B&NES.

Our in-school service is designed to cover its costs, with any surplus invested in enhancing our provision with training and clinical supervision.

Like to know more about our work in schools, and what we could design for your students’ needs?

Please give us a call on 01225 429694 or contact us.