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Mentoring Plus provides a volunteer-led mentoring service and activities for 7 to 21 year olds from Bath & NE Somerset who are facing significant challenges.

Due to demand, our assessment list to new referrals for young people aged 12 to 21 for out of school mentoring has had to close. We hope to re-open in early 2020. If you would like to explore other options such as alternative providers and paid services, please give us a call.

If you would like to refer a young person for this service in future, please read our service overview and consider our referral checklist to ensure this is the appropriate service for them.

If you would like to receive future emails updating you about our referrals schedule, please email us and we will add you to our mailing list.

To refer a KS2 (junior age) student, contact their school who may be able to refer via the relevant Primary Behavioural and Attendance Panel.

Download service overview

Please check that our service is suitable for the young person you may wish to refer.

Download referral checklist

Please download and complete this referral checklist before contacting Mentoring Plus to discuss a referral. Contact details on the form.

The short video below may be useful to introduce Mentoring Plus to a young person and their family.

Our referral criteria:

We specifically support young people identified as facing more than one risk factor from those detailed below:

  • Displaying signs of anti–social behaviour
  • Either disengaged, excluded or at risk of exclusion from education
  • Or not in employment or training (NEET)
  • In or leaving care
  • Experiencing significant challenges out of school – including factors such as a lack of role models, family breakdown, bereavement, isolation and historic domestic violence.

This out of school service is offered to young people aged 12-21. We provide an in-school primary mentoring service for which referrals are managed through the Behaviour & Attendance Panel of primary head teachers.

We also offer a paid professional mentoring service to young people at higher levels of need or risk, those outside our normal geographical area or those with EHCP or equivalent funding.

How does mentoring work?

Once we have capacity to match your referral from our waiting list, we offer the following to a young person for up to a year:

  • A named practitioner assigned to support them
  • Introductory sessions with their practitioner to develop a Personal Plan
  • A volunteer mentor working with them each week to develop confidence, have new experiences and access new opportunities
  • An activities budget to spend with their mentor
  • A community project to contribute and make a difference locally
  • Exit planning with links to services and transitional support on leaving our service.
  • Engagement in Team Around the Child processes as needed, ensuring the voice of the mentee is shared with other professionals throughout this year.

Weekly activities programme

Young people matched with a mentor or accepted onto our waiting list can access a range of free activities throughout the year.

Evening and Holiday activities

Small group activities led by skilled leaders including anything from cooking, quad-biking or football to photography and digital music

Youth Reps (15+)
Referrals welcome

Exploring life, work, training & learning opportunities, with participants producing their own community projects.

We accept specific referrals for young adults interested in this group. For more details or to refer, please call Jim Noke on 01225 429694 or email

Graduate projects (18+) ­

Young adults having completed mentoring are trained and supported to mentor others or develop their own projects with the help of our trustees.

What do young people say are the benefits of our mentoring service?

“I feel better about myself from being with my mentor”

“I’ve gotten wiser and more responsible. I was quite naughty. He’s taught me how to deal with things better.”

“I was in a bad place, wasn’t in school and didn’t go out. Now I‘m back in school.”

“They’re good at making you look forward to stuff.”

“It’s nice to have someone to speak to about things, and I think that it has really helped me.”

“Look where I was at the beginning and look where I am now? She came along and my confidence went up.”

How do you refer a young person to Mentoring Plus?

Our out of school mentoring referrals are accepted at intervals throughout the year when we have capacity to support young people. If you would like to consider making a referral, please check whether our service is suitable for the young person concerned using our referral checklist.

Once you have all the information requested, please email to ensure you are on our referrers’ update list and we will be in touch with the relevant dates.


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