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Plus Club – November 20th, 27th, December 4th, 11th

What started as an idea, became something far greater, something that will leave and indelible stamp on Youth Reps, defining their mission as a vehicle for them, and service users to maximize their potential – welcome to the realm of the ‘Plus Club!’


The core objectives of the club were for it to be ‘young person led’ from its inception, right through to turning off the lights on the final evening – something we feel was far surpassed. From choosing practitioners, staff and activity ideas,to designing logos, creating parental consent letters and deciding on the cohort to invite! The club aimed to be warm, friendly and inclusive & was just that.


Having co-producing the early idea with a group of  ASDAN students from St Marks, they were the school of choice when it came to looking for club members. In accordance with what our young people wanted, only years 7 / 8 were invited, which yielded x3 young people, who consistently came to all three weeks! Result.




With a rich range of activities such as spoken word, drama, cookery and Xmas craft, this was the perfect hook to attract any unsuspecting homework lovers. Speaking of which, with all the aforementioned it would be easy to forget one of our primary objectives of the club – yes, HOMEWORK! This was executed in a very relaxed fashion, and fully supported by volunteer mentors who had a wealth of experience in a plethora of fields. We realise that this is an area we need to work on for the next roll – out. Maybe a little more emphasis on that element? However it’s done, it’ll need to be done tactfully, without losing any fun, which is fundamentally the real reason behind any young person wanting to join a club.





Please see some actual verbatim quotes from young people:


“Mondays are rubbish except for coming here”


“I feel more confident about my French test now we’ve practiced”



“I like coming to Plus Club because everyone is friendly and it’s something new”


“I really want to give back to my community”




…..and from parents:


‘He looked forward to coming and really enjoyed every session’


Thank you so much for the four sessions of Plus Club that you put on for students of St Marks’ School. My son, George, really enjoyed it. It was so great to see him doing something out of his comfort zone – he usually never wants to try something new, or with people he’s unfamiliar with, and he really looked forward to each session. As is the norm, he didn’t really tell me what he did at the sessions, but that fact he was eager to attend told me lots!  It was lovely to see him supported in this often difficult transition period of early Secondary school, with lots of changes to the daily routine plus the biological changes that are happening to them at this age! I do know that George benefited of being around young people who might not have been too many years older than him, and in a safe environment where he could relax, away from the usual stresses and struggles.  
The young people I chatted to were also really lovely. I really wouldn’t hesitate to send George to another sessions if they run again.
Good luck in the next lot of sessions you run and please do let me know if there is anything that George and his mate Jimi could attend too.