Information for mentees

You can come along to Mentoring Plus group projects and activities if you’re being mentored or waiting for a mentor. There’s a whole range of things going on, from sport to music, animation to drama.

You don’t need to have done the activity before. Most are specially designed to let you try something for the first time. The people who run them are really nice, and it doesn’t matter if you’re good at it or not.

(If you do turn out to be a bit of a genius at an activity, we’ll help you find out how you can do some more, and can sometimes get hold of extra funding. Just remember us when you’re famous.)

If you already have a mentor, ask them to book you in – they can often come as well if that works for you both. Chat to your link worker or contact us to make sure you’re booked in, or to ask for transport getting there.


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As you know, we need all our mentees to follow our behaviour code and anti-bullying policy. Mentors and practitioners also follow these guidelines, which help keep everyone safe and happy.

Coming up at Mentoring Plus

Spoken Word continues: hip-hop performance poetry and music recording, leading up to performing at the Children’s Literature Festival in October.

Rowing: have a try rowing with the lovely people at Minerva Rowing Club on the River Avon. They’ll talk you through everything and you’ll be amazed how well you can row after just one session.

Bike skills at Odd Down bike track – get ready for the Tour of Britain with expert help and fun stuff on two wheels.

Want to chat to your mentor but can’t meet up?

Talk to us about registering for e-mentoring. It’s a secure system where you and your mentor can send messages without sharing email addresses, and everything is monitored to keep you safe.

Both you and your mentor need to agree to register and you’ll need to follow a few basic rules, but it can be a really good way to keep in touch if meeting isn’t possible.

Contact your own link worker (Kev or Michelle) on 01225 429694, or contact us to find out about e-mentoring.

Need some advice or support with relationships? Visit the Sexual Health for Everyone website or give your practitioner a call at Mentoring Plus – 01225 429694.

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