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Dec 13th – It’s Chrissssmasss!

We Couldn’t help but squeezing in one more guest before we bid farewell to 2016 – please step forward Charlotte, who dropped by to debrief on the recent TEDx talks! Four of our young people attended the recent conference and detailed how much inspiration they’d took away. Please take a look at the below link to give you a better flavour of what TEDx is all about:


With Charlotte’s support, we asked the young people these questions:

  • Who were your favourite talks and why?

Jacob – “because he turned his life around” Restorative justice talk.

Wonky Veg – “they should give wonky veg to the homeless” Inspiring.

Feeding the 5 thousand

  • Who were your least favourite and why?

Rally International – because we couldn’t understand it. This was soon rectified once Charlotte explained better.

  • What did you take away from the day?

“No matter how bad your past was you can always change it”

“I just like the thought of being inspirational”

“The coming together”


  • How can we get Y Reps involved next year? How can it be made easier for a Y Rep to be involved?

This provoked Charlotte to talk in more depth about the selection process / criteria and how we might get a coveted spot in 2017! First stop will be immersing ourselves into the ‘TEDx Clubs’ and lobbying other worldwide groups via skype with the plans for a Youth Hub. This is a good forum for sharing ideas and will show Charlotte that we’re serious about hosting a talk – in her words!

Perhaps a road trip to the impact Hub in Birmingham?

To cap of a deeply thought provoking and inspirational night, we finished off the only way we knew how – lame cracker jokes, Christmas cake and a reflection on the year!

This has been a groundbreaking year, with highlights such as the visit to the Houses of Parliament, the  planning and running of the shop and a consistent group of young people wanting to make changes in areas that matter….not a dry eye in the house!

2017 will offer a more forward thinking and “young person led” initiative, as we usher in new beginnings with the “Learn to Lead” philosophy – this will enable our group to become more in control of the groups destiny and have a bigger stake in running sessions!

Have a very merry Xmas and a happy New Year! Carpe Diem….