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A World We Want

What do our young people want for the world? We’ve been moved, surprised, amused and inspired to find out.


For young people facing their own significant difficulties, you might expect art activities on the theme ‘A World We Want’ to focus on their needs – but their thinking and perception goes way beyond. Our exhibition this week at the Museum of Bath at Work gave our mentees the chance to express hopes and fears about cancer, women around the world, a fairer and kinder education system… you name it.

They worked with professional artists to try photography, painting, film-making, spoken word recording and sculpture. The artists and exhibition were funded by the Theatre Royal Bath Creative Fund.


Artist and educator Edwina Bridgeman led our sculpture activity, curated the exhibition and led schools workshops responding to the work all week. She talked movingly of the need to give proper value to children’s art and what it can tell us, and gave children the chance of a lifetime to spray (washable!) chalk paint wishes for the world on the Museum’s courtyard pavement. A huge thank you to the Museum for being so very accommodating!




As guests at Mentoring Plus Celebration events have come to expect, there was no sitting there quietly listening. Supporters, funders, trustees and mentors too joined in with a group activity creating ‘found poems’ from words and images in newspapers before mentors and mentees all received certificates recording their efforts, commitment and enjoyment of mentoring.

Thanks to everyone who joined in!